Calibrachoa - Hundreds of small petunia like flowers on mounding trailing plants that flower well into the fall. Our most popular basket. In plant trials these flowers are consistently the top performers for containers.

Solenia Begonias - These begonias grow in sun or shade. Our second most popular hanging basket. Good alone or in combinations.

Euphorbia - Diamond Frost or Silver Shadow. From the same family as the poinsettia. Clouds of tiny white bracts (not flowers) cover this plant till frost. Looks good with almost any color flower.

Ipomoea - Sweet potato vine. Vining leaves add volume and beauty to any container.

Trailing Petunias - Probably the most color for your money. These plants thrive in warm sunny conditions, trailing or spreading up to 4 feet. Especially nice are Wave Purple, Supertunia Bubblegum, Raspberry Blast and Surfinia Sky Blue.

Mandevilla - Tropical vine with trumpet shaped blossoms in pink or red. Love sun and heat.




Dianthus Jolt - Summer long bloom on 16" tall plant.


Lobularia - Masses of sweet scented Alyssum. Sterile, flowers till November.

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